What is CA Online Test Series

To measuring a person’s level of knowledge in a topic has been the examination. CA Online Test Series is an online assessment technique which will help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

Online Test Series for CA IPCC, CA Final and CA Inter is a media for defining and conducting tests, thus maintaining a uniform pattern for all the examinees. The task of maintaining the overall record of scores, personal data and the tests for which a particular candidate has appeared is done by the portal. The progress reports can be printed at any point of time by just providing the necessary details of a candidate as and when required. This tool can also be used by faculty members to create question papers, providing reviews or giving any feedback. The internet creates opportunities for making examinations more reliable, easy and cheaper than they are already.

While defining question paper, each question can be graded on difficulty level scale 1 to 8 with 1 as easy question and 8 as most difficulty. When you define test paper initial mock papers can have only questions with difficulty level of 1 or 3. It can help to increase confidence level of the candidate. Difficulty level can be gradually increased with increasing number of exams appeared.

Characteristics of CA Online Test Series:
  • • Online Test Series can be conducted based on chapters, topics, examinee’s basis or difficulty level. Even combination of two or more topics can be made while conducting Online Tests.
  • • Online Test Series can generate comprehensive comparative analysis like rank, percentage, score, section-wise performance analysis etc.
  • • It also gives invaluable practice with high quality questions and feedback for the same.
  • • Online Test Series helps students to get graphical analysis of their progress and cumulative score card. This technology based exam pattern facilitates students to go ahead towards final exams with confidence.
Here are the ways of getting help from Mock Test for better preparation in CA :

Few CA aspirants ignore the importance of test series due to the lack of awareness of computers and the internet or due to non availability of resources. That is the main reason we are discussing here the benefits of taking series of test and also how to motivate the students for it.

When anyone search on the web by test series of CA so several outcomes will come in a few seconds. For encouraging the students towards the tests series, ICAI also advised to all the councils and branches that they have to conduct the tests for Foundation, IPCC and Final year students. The main reason is to evaluate the preparation level of CA aspirants and make them ready to appear in the final exams.

If you think that tests series don't help too much for improving the performance, you may be absolutely wrong. Read or refer to the interviews of Rank Holders or their Study strategies carefully, they tell you the effectiveness of such tests and their planning. We assure you that after reading their reviews, no one wants to miss the tests series and benefits of the same.

Here are two reasons which describe the CA Series helpfulness:

The link provided for taking online test series are 100% authentic and unique so students will get original sample papers for practicing. Mind that they are not any kind of Guess Papers. The tests are time bounded so it can also help to manage your time along with solving the questions and removing any doubts. Additionally, they will get kind of mixed bag of questions just like the real examination so it removes the fear of handling it.

By taking the test, students will get a fair idea of how to approach and pattern that comes in the examination and can refer the suggested solution after the test to get any further ideas. Nowadays, papers for CA Final & IPCC/ Inter are way too lengthy so they should gain a huge amount of confidence while appearing in the exams.

For getting this kind of confidence, people should go for test series. A recent study reveals that mostly view the test series after failing in their first attempt because they don’t have the idea of the pattern, the length of questions and many other things.

If you don’t want to miss the test series so keep update yourself on it. Further, few individuals think that, if they are not performing well in these series then what they do for improving themselves so they have to practice more on understanding the concepts and analyze their mistakes as we discussed earlier above.

Test Series are very common in this competitive world for high-level professional courses due to its brilliant impact and ability to improve the student’s performance with their skills of presentation also.

CA Test Series offers a comprehensive Online Test Series for CA Final & IPCC/ Inter. The test series aims to provide maximum benefits to aspirants in terms of preparation and guidance. Some of the features of the test series are:

  • • They are as per latest pattern of Exams.
  • • New questions types included with same difficulty level as of the exam.
  • • Detailed solutions with feedback- To help you analyze your performance.
  • • Timely evaluation of the answer sheets.