CA Mock Test Series

CA Mock Test Seriess is a very important tool for all the CA students. CA Mock test series for CA Final and IPCC Inter makes students familiar with the pattern and scope of question paper.

Benefits Of CA Mock Test Series for CA Final | CA IPCC | CA Inter | CA Foundation

(1) CA Mock Test Series gives an overall idea of preparation, student gets to know what is their preparation level, which are the chapters or the areas in which they are lagging behind.

(2) Students study the syllabus into sections and mock test series combines those sections into a question format.

(3) In CA Mock Test Series students get a clear picture of the question pattern, marking scheme, any changes thereof, etc.

(4) Students may get to see the same question in exams which they have solved or written in mock test.

(5) Time management-This is the most important benefit of mock test that it boost and enhance speed to complete the papers in the exam in time.

(6) Professional Guidance from experienced teachers.

Then there is IPCC exams, held after almost 8-9 months on a detailed knowledge of several subjects, mainly eight (8) of them.

As mentioned earlier, CPT is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based but IPCC is the test based on full theoretical manner, i.e. written basis exams.

Students clear CPT easily, as it is the combination of earlier gained knowledge and also MCQ pattern helps to make it more easier, but the level of IPCC is bit harder than that of first level of CA Exams.

Students need to attend classes or go through the study materials provided to be prepared for the written exams. Basically this is the first time, students have to appear for the exam (written) and the exam pattern is also not known to the students, i.e. how to attempt questions, how to answer questions, i.e. the way to handle the question paper is all new for the scholars.

CA IPCC Test Series for Old Course students is necessary at this stage as only 2 attempts i.e. Nov 2019 and May 2020 is left. After that one needs to compulsory shift to CA Inter. So opting for Detailed or Un structured Chapter wise Test Series for CA IPCC will be vital for a remarkable score in the ICAI-IPCC Exams.

How to Appear For CA Mock Test Series
  • By going to the best Test Series, i.e. CA Test Series which conducts mock exam. It charges reasonable fee for that. CA SERIES provide CA Final Mock Test Series, CA IPCC Mock Test Series, and CA Inter Mock Test Series.
  • By downloading the same from the website when it’s available and appearing for the test from your home.
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Chapter wise Mock Test Series

By taking Chapter wise Online Test Series, students actually feel the pressure and the experience of taking the real exam and this experience greatly helps when that day arrives and the stress level decreases as they are used to handle the exam pressure. These tests put a better mental position to appear for the final exams and make students better prepared for them and perform really well.

How ICAI – CA Seriess Helps To Improve Speed In Exams

Lack of time is a very common difficulty among all the CA students because of the length of the papers at all levels of this course (CA Final, CA Inter & IPCC). As a result students get to make sure that they don’t miss answering questions because of slow speed or any other reason. While taking these test series they will be able to analyze the whole examination scenario i.e. where they need increase their speed and what short tricks they need to learn. When they practice tests and take them regularly, it eventually helps by increasing their speed and confidence. These tests play an important role in improving their speed and experience for final examinations. They help students with low or average speed to decrease the time they spend on an answer. When they are confident that their speed is good and they won’t miss any question it greatly helps in decreasing the exam anxiety levels in the aspirants and building more confidence plus their presentation level also increases.

How Mock Test Develops Unbidden Answer Formation Ability

The online mock test series gives students a lot of mock tests which will help them to feel the difference in their answer writing skills as their progress from one test to another. Not at first, but eventually they will start seeing the difference in their spontaneous answer writing abilities, presentation level.

Completing these many test series and answering different types of questions in a given time frame makes their skills better and faster. This helps them in getting familiar with the concept of how to frame an answer to a given question in reasonable time.

Not only they know how to plan the answer but also they are able to speed up their writing skills. This immensely helps in all level of CA exams (Foundation, Inter and Final). Spontaneous answer formation ability really helps a student when he has to answer a question he is not really prepared for to have given much time or any new type of question that the student may not have practiced.

How Mock Test Series Provides Self Assessment Capability to better up their performance

Taking test series online in all the level of exams of CA helps them in assessing yourself on a regular basis. They can track their developments themselves and see where they lack and where more effort is needed. This is a very important quality that every CA aspirant must possess and it can be developed through online test series.

Test series offers self-assessment capability as the student no longer has to live in a speculation of what his weakness and strengths in a particular subject are, he can take the tests and finds out himself. This helps the students in being more prepared then other candidates for the exam. The evaluation part of the mock test makes things easy, seamless and without any hurdle as the guidance would definitely help out the candidates in assessing their mistakes and excel in the final exam.