CA IPCC Test Series

Scholars have question in mind that what is level of IPCC exams. Let’s first discuss about levels of the Professional Course Chartered Accountancy, i.e. CA

There are three tests to be passed to become a Chartered Accountant, i.e.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants has three steps for the Chartered Accountancy course. The Entrance exam CPT is replaced by the CA Foundation by the new curriculum introduced by the ICAI.

(1) CPT (Common Proficiency Test)

(2) IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)

(3) CA Final

CPT is based on accumulated knowledge of previous year classes plus a little bit new knowledge about Law. It is a Multiple Choice Questions exam, compromising of two sessions of exams of total 200 marks, requiring 50% marks to crack this level.

Then there is IPCC exams, held after almost 8-9 months on a detailed knowledge of several subjects, mainly eight (8) of them.

As mentioned earlier, CPT is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based but IPCC is the test based on full theoretical manner, i.e. written basis exams.

Students clear CPT easily, as it is the combination of earlier gained knowledge and also MCQ pattern helps to make it more easier, but the level of IPCC is bit harder than that of first level of CA Exams.

Students need to attend classes or go through the study materials provided to be prepared for the written exams. Basically this is the first time, students have to appear for the exam (written) and the exam pattern is also not known to the students, i.e. how to attempt questions, how to answer questions, i.e. the way to handle the question paper is all new for the scholars.

CA IPCC Test Series for Old Course students is necessary at this stage as only 2 attempts i.e. Nov 2019 and May 2020 is left. After that one needs to compulsory shift to CA Inter. So opting for Detailed or Un structured Chapter wise Test Series for CA IPCC will be vital for a remarkable score in the ICAI-IPCC Exams.

Eligibility for registration in CA Intermediate course

After clearing the CPT/CA Foundation a student will become eligible to register for the CA Intermediate.

There is also a direct entry route through which a candidate can enroll for Intermediate directly without going through Either CPT or CA Foundation.

  • Students who are Graduate/ Post Graduate in Commerce and secured a minimum of 55% can register directly for Intermediate without passing CA Foundation or CPT.
  • Similarly like Commerce Graduates, Non commerce Graduates/ Post Graduates can also register for Intermediate by securing 60% marks in Graduation/ Post Graduation.
  • Apart from the above, the students who cleared the Intermediate level of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India or The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

The above students can get register directly for the Intermediate level without passing entrance level.


There are seven questions in total, first question is compulsory to be answered and out of remaining six (6) questions, any five have to be answered.

Now according to new pattern, 30% questions are multiple choices and rest is in the same way.

Now students, who are giving exams for the first time, can’t really go through these things instantly and tend to waste their precious some minutes to understand this and to prepare themselves to attempt the paper.


Now as per ICAI’s new reforms, there are two (2) courses right now, namely Old and New and as per their planning, old course will be discontinued, i.e. the students registered under old one should get converted into New stream and the important thing is that, in a recent press release, ICAI has agreed to provide additional attempts to all the IPCC students registered under the old syllabus. Prior to the announcement the last attempt was May 2019 which is now extended to 2 more attempts after May 19. So now, the last attempt would be in May 2020.


(1) First problem being first time written exam in CA course.

(2) Lack of Preparation

(3) Lack of Guidance.

(4) Lack of proper knowledge about the same.

(5) No proper planning.

(6) No proper study planning, practice of the same.

(7) No full course revision.

(8) No feedback of their study plans, if any.

Students need a medium to check on their performance and to overcome all the above stated points plus to gain more confidence to score more.

Test Series for CA IPCC by CASeries is the test series which provides proper planning and subject wise guidance to students in a way in which they can score at least 50+ marks.

As May 20 is the last attempt for IPCC scholars, student need to be very prepared to crack this before conversion to new course.

Student should get registered with the CA Test Series, in order to get the best planning for exams.

Given the schedule for November 2019 Attempt:
Detailed Test Series 25 August
Full Syllabus Test Series 15 September
Unscheduled Test Series 10 July
Fast track Test Series 1 Oct

From these Test Series Schedules, students would get plenty of questions to practice and the right advice regarding any mistakes. Time to revision is the biggest plus point which not only helps in timely coverage of syllabus but in an effective and efficient manner also.