CA Final Test Series

For CA Final, one need not any explanation that why it is necessary to revise the whole course for at least twice before appearing for the Final exams.

As from the classes we have taken or if not then from the study materials that ICAI has provided us, one has come to know that how vast is the syllabus of Final stage of CA and it is a very hard task to cover the whole curriculum on our own.

In the schedule of last stage of CA, we encounter two groups compromising 4 subjects each, i.e. a total of Eight (8) subjects. To pass a group, one need to score a total of 200 marks out of 400, in which a minimum 0f 40 marks is required to pass an individual subject, that means aggregate of 200 is required in all subjects with a condition to score 40 marks in each subject compulsorily.

In order to get over with these conditions, students have to prepare accordingly and step by step planning is required to first read the entire curriculum, then not only to read but now it has to be understood in a way to apply it accordingly in exam hall as well as in practical cases.

The main issue about ICAI-CA Finals is student has to make adjustment between their classes and office hours and here many students fail to cope up with the running classes and office and in all this, they lost the track of the current studies and as a result of this, they often fail to pass in first and many a times in multiple attempts also.

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From above situations, we have a conclusion that main issue with the finalists is they are unable to prepare a proper strategy of ‘How to Study’ and ‘How to Plan’.

To overcome these hurdles, students need proper guidance with detail advice about the whole processes of the exercise and also practice the same various times that they have learnt and studied. Now students search for the perfect and best channel for them and here comes the multiple Test Series and one of the best and suitable of them is CA Final Test Series conducted by the CASeries.com

Before going further, firstly we have to understand what is exactly the Test Series are and how do they process.

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Coming directly to the Test Series for CA Final, it will be conducted for Nov 2019, May 2020 and Nov 2020 exams in different forms viz, Detailed tests, Unscheduled series, Chapter wise tests, Full syllabus tests and many more.

Types of CA Final Test Series CA Final Test Series Plans
5 Chapter wise + 1 Full Test Per Subject Detailed Test Series
5 Chapter wise + 1 Full Test Per Subject Unscheduled Test Series
2 Full Test Per Subject Full Syllabus Test Series
2 Chapter wise + 1 Full Test Per Subject Fast Track Test Series

CA Test Series for Finals provide many opportunities to the students that help them in overall ways, for example:

(1) Cover all the topics.

(2) Highlight important points for the same.

(3) Provide questions that cover the whole point in an impressive manner.

(4) Bifurcation of marks based on points.

(5) Checking of copies by professionals.

(6) Providing valuable comments relating to the mistakes committed.

(7) Guiding and directing to correct the issues.

(8) Providing solutions to the doubts asked.

In case of Practical Subjects:

They provide questions based on the format of the ICAI’s question paper and level of questions is way similar to that one that helps to understand the pattern of question paper and provide the right way to attempt them. They also show and tell how to provide working note for the same and also the presentation of them.

In case of Theory Subjects:

In case of theory subjects, CA Series Team provide topic based questions which cover the technical and exam oriented tasks that helps the scholars to grab the topic and make them to write and score a good score.

Benefits of taking Test Series by for CA Final by CA Series:

(1) Timely revision of course for more than twice.

(2) Manners to present the answer in an efficient way to attract more marks.

(3) Practice to write the answers and to attempt them.

(4) Time Management.

(5) Cope up with exam fear.

(6) Familiarity with Institute’s exam patterns.

(7) Expert’s opinion.

(8) Doubt solving platform

(9) Available Online

(10) Registration for CA Series is very easy

So, all in all students need to take at least one test series to check their timely performance and to ensure the level of the same.

For students appearing for upcoming attempts of November and May should grab the opportunity to register with CA Series, in order to score decent marks or exemption in order to pass the group or the level without the tension of individual passing marks or aggregation of marks.